OMG! Star Wars is promoting white genocide! Vote Trump!

By Dennis Hartley

The first sure sign of the Apocalypse appeared on TV  the other day: The newest trailer for the upcoming Star Wars installment. “Sign of doom”, you ask? Actually, I’m not the one to ask, but there are some who apparently take umbrage at the diversity of the film’s cast:

Hours before the release of the new, eagerly anticipated trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, a group of ‘fans’ of the franchise have been urging others to boycott the series.

The phrase #BoycottStarWarsVII began trending heavily on Twitter and a depressing foray into the hashtag revealed that a small minority of people are not happy with the inclusion of John Boyega in the film.

One small mercy is that the majority of the tweets in the hashtag are actually calling out the trend for its bigotry, but it still contains mind boggling comments that make us simply want to leave this planet and head to a galaxy far, far away. Or perhaps send the tweeters to it.

Hmm. Let’s watch the trailer and see what “they” are talking about:

Obviously anti-white! People of color…in outer space?! I never…

Yeah, OK. But that’s a commie liberal fantasy! Would never happen!

Okay, so there’s Mae Jemison, with her dual degrees (chemical engineering and African-American studies) at Stanford and doctor of medicine degree from Cornell, and her fluency in Japanese, Russian and Swahili, and her time serving in the Peace Corps, and her 8-day mission on the shuttle Endeavor in 1992 that made her the first African-American woman in space…but seriously folks, in real life, are these really the types of qualities we  look for in our heroes?


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