Netanyahu: der Fuhrer vas a terrific dancer

By Dennis Hartley

Did the prime minister of Israel really say that? The Washington Post:

In a speech here Tuesday evening, Netanyahu sought to explain the surge in violence in Israel and the West Bank by reaching for historical antecedents. He said Jews living in what was then British Palestine faced many attacks in 1920, 1921 and 1929 — all instigated by the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who allied himself with the Nazis during World War II.

Then Netanyahu dropped his bombshell. He said: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time; he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’ ‘So what should I do with them?’ he asked. He said, ‘Burn them.’ ”

Netanyahu, the son of a historian, said the mufti played “a central role in fomenting the Final Solution,” as the Nazis termed their plan to exterminate the Jews.

The prime minister is  “The son of a historian”? Really?  Is he out of his fucking mind? Even the Germans are scratching their heads:

The controversy erupted on the eve of Netanyahu’s state visit to Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime. The Germans pushed back, telling the Israeli leader — politely — that the Holocaust was their responsibility alone.

Uh, yeah.  In fact, Hitler never waffled on that particular agenda. Eight years before he even came to power in 1933, he published this little book you may have heard of, called Mein Kampf…in which he pretty much spells out exactly what he was planning to accomplish once he came to power. And he eventually was able to check off nearly everything on his to-do list, before he checked out (except for that “1000-year Reich” part). That’s one thing about the Nazis that blows my mind…they loved to make lists, and keep records. As I noted in my 2011 review of the documentary Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today:

Through the course of the grueling 11-month long proceedings, a panel of judges and prosecutors representing the USA, the Soviet Union, England and France built a damning case, thanks in large part to the Nazis themselves, who had a curious habit of meticulously documenting their own crimes. The thousands of confiscated documents-neatly typed, well-annotated and (most significantly) signed and dated by some of the defendants, along with the gruesome films the Nazis took of their own atrocities, helped build one of the most compelling cases of all time.

Unless every history of WW II I’ve ever read is part of a vast cover-up conspiracy, there were no Palestinians among those defendants. Sounds like the prime minster needs to brush up on the history of his own people. His revisionist stance reminds me of a movie character:

“Hitler…there was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! Two coats!!”

–Kenneth Mars as “Franz Liebkind”, author of the musical  Springtime For Hitler: A Gay Romp With Eva and Adolph at Berchtesgaden (from the original 1967 film version of The Producers, screenplay by Mel Brooks)

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