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  1. Hi Dennis. I’ve been following your work for many years now and enjoy consistently. I have an obscure question. One of my very favorite movies never played on the big screen, but I’ve often wished it had. The HBO/BBC film “Conspiracy” recreating the Wansee Conference. I’ve often wondered how it might have fared had it been nominated in the Academy Awards. Do you think it was Oscar worthy or am I just a complete weirdo?

    1. I’ve never seen it…but after a quick check I see it’s available to me via my HBO VOD service. It looks fascinating (if chilling) and certainly has a great cast (Ken Branaugh, Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth are all excellent players). I’ll have to put it on my watch list. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. The “Book of Saturday” is a great collection of songs, Dennis! I have most of those on LPs in the basement. You’ve encouraged me to get one of my stereo systems set up again…it’s been awhile. Thanks for your knowledgable insight into music we loved back in the day and will soon love again!

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