Blu-ray reissue: Wizards ***

By Dennis Hartley

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Wizards – Fox Blu-ray

Within the realm of animated feature films, Ralph Bakshi’s name may not be as instantly recognizable (or universally revered) as Walt Disney or Studio Ghibli, but I would consider him no less of an important figure in the development of the genre. During his heyday (1972-1983) the director pumped out 8 full-length features (including Fritz the Cat, The Lord of the Rings and American Pop) using his patented blend of live-action, rotoscoping, and  cel animation.

While I will grant that it is not for all tastes, I’ve always had a particular soft spot for his 1977 film, Wizards. Steamrolled  at the box office during its original theatrical run due to a combination of limp promotion by 20th Century Fox and an unfortunate proximity to the release of that same studio’s own Star Wars (much to Bakshi’s chagrin, as he bitterly recounts on the commentary track) the film has picked up a cult following over time, thanks to home video. It’s an elemental tale of two warring brothers, one good and one evil, who are both endowed with the magical powers of natural-born wizards. A familiar trope, to be sure, but Bakshi renders the story with originality, verve, and a fair amount of dark (and adult) humor (oh…and there’s a really hot elf princess!). Fox’s Blu-ray skimps on extras, but has outstanding picture and sound.

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