Trump rolls up his sleeves for 49 seconds of disaster relief!

By Dennis Hartley

Donald Trump is the salt of the earth. Here’s the proof, in real time:

As guest host Joy Reid noted on Friday’s All In on MSNBC, that’s 49 seconds of toil by Mr. Trump on behalf of Louisiana flood victims (from 1:00 to 1:49-when he asks for “a big strong man” to help him).

As Doktor Zoom noted over at Wonkette:

Eh, why would someone important like Donald Trump want to consult with the governor of a state that’s in the middle of an emergency? Donald Trump goes where he wants! Despite the fact that a presidential visit involves a small army of aides and security, and would divert police and other emergency resources away from search and rescue operations, the Wingnut Media had a field day pointing out that while Trump actually went to the disaster area to spread around the compassion (and autographs), Barack Obama selfishly stayed on vacation like the uncaring monster he is, and Hillary Clinton remains too frail to even wave a palsied hand at the suffering Louisianans […]
Watching the Donald manfully unloading Play-Doh for nearly a full minute (just like the blue-collar hero he continually assures us he is), I was reminded of another hard-working man of the people, who similarly came to the aid of a community in its most dire time of need:

A Trump White House, by any other name…

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