“I like you, Donny…there’s no lying in you.”

By Dennis Hartley

With the announcement this week that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be now be facing a military court-martial on the charges of desertion from his unit in Afghanistan in 2009,  newscasters have seen fit to re-run one of Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits on a continuous loop:

Yeah, just shoot him! No trial.  Lovely message to convey, with our country ensconced in a 24/7 cycle of gun violence. Very presidential.

The Commander-in-Chief of the 101st Chair-borne went on to riff, “As far as I’m concerned, send Bergdahl back, drop him right in the middle of  [his former Taliban captors] and they will take care of it.”

Of course, his supporters react with wild cheers to such “straight talk”. I suspect that this is how they perceive their Fearless Leader:

But  in reality, Trump’s sense of justice seems more in line with this:

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